Economic Development

Rhode Island spends $3 billion on energy every year, and when that money leaves our pockets, most of it leaves our state, too.

If Rhode Island becomes an energy producer, we can keep that $3 billion to spend on ourselves, and if the state generates excess energy, we can reverse our cash flow and pull in out-of-state dollars by selling Rhode Island power.

We’re also at a juncture where fossil fuels will keep costing more as they become harder to extract while renewable energy prices will continue falling as technological improvements make energy from sun, water, and wind easier to collect.

The price of fossil fuel and renewable energy are neck-and-neck, and just like it’s smarter to invest in a new electrical grid rather than spending our money propping up a weakening grid, we should invest in the better choice for energy.

Clean energy companies—including Be-Wind, Clean.Tech, Solar Site Design, and White Leaf Energy System—have heard about our project and are already looking for ways to do business in Rhode Island based on the project’s potential.

They’re eager, and the jobs they’ll bring are exactly the kind of jobs Rhode Island needs.

Economic and Environmental Justice

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