Economic and Environmental Justice

One advantage that clean energy has over fossil fuel is that clean energy needs twice as many workers. Producing renewable energy is more labor intensive and requires more people for installation and maintenance. This means more jobs and more employment for Rhode Island.

Clean energy consultants, installers, and technicians are also paid a living wage which means they’ll have more money to spend at Rhode Island businesses and they and their families will have better lives.

Cities with unused mill buildings will be able to offer employment to their citizens as clean energy businesses move in.

The air will grow cleaner and the threat of fossil fuel fires, explosions, and spills will fade as we begin to use clean energy—especially in areas of the state where fossil fuel infrastructure is concentrated and tightly packed.

Publicly-owned utilities will be able to give everyone a share in the new economy with annual dividends for Rhode Island citizens and funding for our cities, and energy profits can be used to improve our education, health care, and infrastructure.

The benefits of switching to clean energy are clear. Now, we need a plan.

A Blueprint for Rhode Island

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