A New Energy System

With a 70-year-old electrical grid that’s 20 years past its life expectancy and energy coming mostly from fossil fuels, Rhode Island could use a new, up-to-date energy system.

With current technology, the state can construct a clean, reliable, and cost-effective system that generates electricity with solar and onshore wind and transmits it through a smart and shareable micro-grid and energy storage network.

Building the system on existing infrastructure will preserve green space. Keeping it localized will make it less vulnerable to outages.

Incorporating innovative technologies like silent, bird-friendly vertical wind that can fit in a homeowner’s yard or expand to power a commercial complex will give the system versatility and the ability to adapt city by city.

A blueprint drafted by Ocean State Community Energy shows how a state-of-the-art system in Cranston, Rhode Island can fully power the city with clean energy. Read a summary of the blueprint of the blueprint or the full blueprint.

The blueprint also confirms that Rhode Island can generate more energy than it needs because almost every Rhode Island city has more room for energy production than Cranston does.

With excess energy to sell, the economic reasons to switch get even better.

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