A Blueprint for Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Progressive Democrats and Ocean State Community Energy are working on a blueprint that will show how Rhode Island can make the switch to clean energy by 2030.

Like the Cranston blueprint, the statewide plan will protect green space and use cutting-edge technology and design.

It will also show how much energy Rhode Island can produce, calculate clean energy rates, and look at how to electrify our heat and transportation, fund a new grid, and rewrite energy regulations.

We’re aiming to complete the blueprint in 2021, and we need to raise $2.5 million to pay for it.

We’ll raise some of it through partnerships with companies that can help Rhode Island businesses save money on energy, acquire tax credits, and find and recover utility company overcharges, and some will come from donors who can make sizable contributions.

But, of course, to reach our goal, we need your help, too. We believe that our plan can give us the motivation we need to fight climate change and move ahead into a better future. Please believe with us.

Donate to Fight Climate Change

Donate to Fight Climate Change