A Prosperous Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Progressive Democrats of America have a vision. We want Rhode Island to be prosperous, and we want to build that prosperity on clean energy.

The world is in a bind because it’s waited too long to stop using fossil fuels. Now, it has less than 10 years to make the switch to renewable energy—and that switch is how Rhode Island can spring up and flourish.

As the transition to clean energy begins, new business and manufacturing will start up, new jobs with living wages will be created, and new economic activity and opportunities will grow across the state.

Through public/private partnerships, Rhode Island can ensure that energy profits from our new energy system are returned to citizens and municipalities, and when the project is complete, the Ocean State will continue to thrive as a renewable energy producer.

This is a vision of Rhode Island investing in its future—and in the future of its children—to create a strong and successful life for every person who lives here.

Amazingly, all the parts we need to build that future are here. All we have to do is assemble them.

This is our work, and we're striving every day for our goals.