Progressive Democrats endorse David Norton in House District 60

The Rhode Island Progressive Democrats voted to endorse David Norton in the race for State Representative, Pawtucket District 60, at our January meeting. David has long been a hardworking, dedicated member of the progressive movement, and we are excited that he is running for this seat.

David Norton has a strong track record of success. He created the ‘Organizing for Pawtucket’ group which launched the “Keep the PawSox in Pawtucket” campaign – a feat that no one thought could be won. It was David’s leadership, talent, and passionate dedication that ultimately led to the demise of the proposal that taxpayers fund a new stadium in Providence! This campaign confronted the powerful conservative political machine that runs the Rhode Island Democratic Party—and won.

David is a true Democrat. He is fighting for working families and is committed to the Democratic party’s basic priorities like ethics reform, a woman’s right to choose, common sense gun safety regulation, and repealing the tax cuts for the rich—priorities that many Rhode Island legislators, both Democrats and Republicans, sadly oppose.

Norton has already been raising important issues. He has called out the General Assembly’s shameful move to raise car taxes on the middle class to help pay for enormous tax cuts for the rich. He is pushing for a fair tax structure that will provide relief to the middle class by asking big corporations and the wealthy to simply pay their fair share.

Norton is also highlighting the culture of backroom corporate welfare deals. He is committed to fighting for real reform, including the roll back of the massive expansion of the agency, Commerce RI, that is largely responsible for the failed 38 Studios venture.

Most importantly, David is willing to stand up to the State House leadership to fight for what is right. He has already proven that he can be effective, and we know he will be a powerful leader in the fight to bring Democratic values back to the state Democratic Party, the General Assembly, Pawtucket, and Rhode Island.

It takes courage and conviction to stand up to the establishment, and we couldn’t be prouder to stand with David Norton. We are sending him the maximum allowable campaign contribution under state law ($1000), and our members are eager to hit the ground in Pawtucket and knock on doors, make phone calls, and do what we can to help David win the primary in September.