Cranston Blueprint

We’ve Taken Our First Step

Our first step in creating a plan to transform Rhode Island into the first state to run exclusively on renewable energy has been to answer the question:

“Is it possible for a Rhode Island city to generate 100% of its energy needs?”

After three months of research and planning, Ocean State Community Energy has confirmed the answer is yes. By 2030, Cranston, Rhode Island can produce 100% of its energy needs.

With solar, onshore vertical wind, and a small portion of the energy that will be generated by two Rhode Island offshore wind projects that are underway, Cranston can meet 100% of its current peak energy demand without using any green space.

Adding in the substantial efficiency created by a micro-grid and energy storage system, Cranston will be able to provide energy for heat and transportation, too.

As a model city, Cranston is a challenge to power with renewable energy because the city is so tightly packed. Rhode Island cities that are more spread out will have more room to produce energy, which means that the state as a whole will be able to create more energy than it needs.

We’ve pushed Ocean State Community Energy hard over the past three months, and the result is that their blueprint for Cranston is still being worked on. We asked for a lot in a short amount of time.

Next week, charts and graphs will be added, and over the next two months, the sections on solar, vertical wind, and efficiency will grow and expand as Ocean State Community Energy’s partners Be-Wind, Electrious, and Solar Site Design make visits to Cranston to complete more mapping and modeling.

The report will grow. You can read it here.

You can also write to Ocean State Community Energy with questions:

With our first goal achieved, we’re moving on to the next steps in our project.

November 8, 2019

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