Our Mission

When Democrats lose their way, we remind them of the values our party holds dear.  

Many Democrats wonder how Rhode Island can be in so much trouble.  How can a state where Democrats have almost total control have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country?  Why can't we have the strong, growing economies that other blue states like Massachusetts and Connecticut have?  

The answer is simple. 

Although Democrats hold the vast majority of the seats in the Rhode Island General Assembly, many do not vote like Democrats.  The majority of elected democratic leadership in Rhode Island are political conservatives.  On core Democrat-Republican issues like a woman's right to choose, common sense gun reforms and tax cuts for the rich, leadership has consistently stood with national Republicans.

As the former Executive Director of the Rhode Island Republican Party put it, "We have a lot of Democrats who we know are Republican but run as a Democrat — basically, so they can win."

This is the problem our organization was created to solve.  

At the state house, we advocate for progressive legislation.  At the ballot box, we fight to elect strong progressive Democrats.  

So join us as we fix the Rhode Island Democratic Party!

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