A Plan for Everyone

A Better Future for All of Rhode Island

Justice is a core value of the Rhode Island Progressive Democrats of America, and it’s at the heart of our fight against climate change.

We want a plan that not only pushes back on climate change but also makes our state a safe and prosperous place for everyone.

Switching to renewable energy will clean up Rhode Island by eliminating toxic fossil fuel pollution, and producing green energy in-state with publicly-owned utilities will give everyone a share in a revitalized economy.

A statewide shift to renewable energy will bring a flurry of economic activity and new opportunities for workers and businesses. Not only will we need to build green utilities but we’ll also need to heat our homes and travel with clean energy.

Manufacturers of green technology will be able to cut transportation costs by setting up plants in Rhode Island where their products are being used, and Rhode Island’s mills could become working mills once again.

After the transition, new energy profits can be used to improve education, health care, and infrastructure and to pay annual dividends to the citizens of Rhode Island.

In the short term, it costs less to knock down a forest to put in a solar farm or to buy clean energy produced out-of-state, but we want Rhode Island to invest in itself for the long term.

We want a state that invests in the prosperity of all of its citizens and in a better future for us all.

Our vision is for a fair, just, and safe Rhode Island for everyone.

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